We invest in the future, in visions and in people

Independent wealth managers face many challenges. They must deliver on their high-performance promises to clients, attract and retain the best employees, and future-proof their own business model in an increasingly challenging market environment. This requires a great deal of expertise, commitment and, above all else, sufficient resources.

Thanks to our solid financial and capital structure, we are a strong partner for any growth-oriented independent wealth manager in Switzerland, Germany or Liechtenstein.

Together we find
answers to the
essential questions

How can growth, earnings and market position be sustainably expanded?

How will client services meet all current and future requirements?

What do individual succession solutions that ensure continuity look like?

How is the much needed digitalization optimally incorporated?

How do you smoothly adapt to regulatory and compliance requirements?

For entrepreneurs who want to remain successful and independent

As part of our partnership, we help you make the most of your strengths. We combine forces, create synergies and turn challenges into opportunities. With us, you remain an independent entrepreneur. You alone decide whether to take advantage of our operational service offerings, capital resources and succession solutions designed for continuity.


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For advisory teams who aim to reach higher

Would you like to take that decisive step forward in your career and finally be able to realize your ideas and visions? Whether you work for one of our excellent independent wealth managers or set up your own wealth management company with us—either way, you benefit from the advantages and strength of our group. It goes without saying that we will treat your interest confidentially.


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The Cinerius Factor



Become part of a group of excellent wealth managers and take advantage of our extensive expertise, resources and individual solutions. We can provide you focussed with support in Regulatory & Compliance, Digitalization, Sales & Marketing and Human Resources Management.


With growth capital and viable strategies, we put you in a position to invest sustainably in the future of your firm. We don't believe in standardized solutions, so we work with you to find best path and accompany you as your reliable partner.


It is important to us that we work with you as an entrepreneur in a partnership-minded manner and we regard your goals as our own. The "Partners" in Cinerius Financial Partners means exactly that; the independence of your company and client relationships is essential to our principles.


We support the growth momentum and sustainable performance of your company and help to further improve your client services in a manner that reflects our values and principles, to ensure quality, reliability, team spirit and respect.

Digitalization is all about high performance


The solutions developed with cooperation partners can be individually adapted to our partner companies' requirements.

This user-friendly platform not only includes the usual CRM equipment, portfolio management, regulatory functionalities and sales management; It also offers full digital control of onboarding processes and order management for clients via corresponding interfaces to your custodian banks. A client front end completes this platform.

What our partners say

“We appreciate having a common vision with a strong partner while still maintaining our own DNA. Since our founding, we have been upholding the idea of joining forces whenever it is possible and makes sense. We find it all in this group.”

Maik Bolsmann, Co-Founder and Managing Director of B&K Vermögen GmbH

“For me, the deciding factor in partnering with Cinerius was that we would continue to act according to our credo ‘independence by conviction’ and that our corporate and customer policies would remain in our own hands. Since Cinerius enables us to do exactly that and all other advantages were obvious, the decision was clear.”

Anton Vetter, Founder and CEO of BV & P Vermögen AG

"Our company has developed enormously in recent years, with a growth rate well above average. We are delighted to have found a strong shareholder for the future in Cinerius Financial Partners, enabling us to continue serving our clients comprehensively and successfully for the long term."

Oliver Ganz, CEO and Founding Partner of Entrepreneur Partners AG

“For us, the company succession was in the foreground. Thanks in part to the capital strength of Cinerius, the partnership made it easy for us to transfer the management of the company to longstanding employees. This put us in an excellent position for our growth course.”

Matthias Habbel, Founder and Advisory Board Member of Habbel, Pohlig & Partner Vermögensverwaltung GmbH

“From the Nuremberg metropolitan region, we manage the assets of clients throughout Germany and do so very successfully. Cinerus supports us, especially in research, enabling us to exchange best practice solutions with which we can continually develop our range of services for clients.”

Udo Schindler, Founder and Board Member of KSW Vermögensverwaltung AG

“There were many reasons to join Cinerius. Certainly, the succession model, which exactly matched my entrepreneurial and personal plans, was important to me. But no less decisive was that the unique style of our asset management was welcome as a contribution to the diversity of the group and that we were given the necessary flexibility to reorganize our management in the coming years.”

Frank Ringelstein, Founder and Managing Director of Ringelstein & Partner Vermögensbetreuung GmbH

“With Cinerius, we have found a financially strong partner who actively supports our growth strategy. This includes digitalization, the expansion of our team—plus a mutually-beneficial exchange of experience and expertise, which has always been an integral part of our culture.”

Tim Schmiel, Board Member of VM Vermögens-Management GmbH

Your company can become
part of Cinerius too.


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