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The market-leading success model for independent wealth managers

Our vision

The market for independent wealth managers is facing many changes. Increasing regulation, succession issues and high digitization costs are leading to a phase of consolidation.

Our unique strategy is the ideal solution for growth-oriented asset managers.

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Unique strategy

Our partner companies operate independently and manage their business with individual strategies, market decisions and under their own brand names.

The Cinerius Group acts as a strategic partner in the background. The partner companies benefit from a wide range of services and support.

This multi-boutique approach ensures that we promote and maintain lean, independent entrepreneurship, but support the partner companies through the strength of the group.

More time for your core tasks
through our support

Corporate strategy

It is important to us to preserve your independence as an entrepreneur and to give you the best possible support so that your company is optimally positioned on the market and against the competition. That’s why we develop customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs and growth targets.


Our digital solutions are tailored to your needs and offer significant added value to clients, advisors and portfolio managers alike. This makes internal processes much easier and improves customer satisfaction.

Best Practice

We promote and facilitate the group and bilateral exchange of ideas and best-practice solutions, through which each of our partner companies can benefit directly, be it through cost advantages, time savings or improved customer service.

Sales and marketing

In addition to sales training, we offer you professional marketing support, e.g. in the organization of customer events, the conception of your marketing strategy, the optimization of your website and your social media presence, the design of your business equipment, the establishment of your company as a brand, and through press relations.


Highly qualified employees are the prerequisite for satisfied customers. Here, too, we support you in recruiting employees and providing them with targeted training so that you are perfectly prepared for the growing demands. We also offer your employees incentive programs.


Our partner companies have founded Cinerius Service GmbH to provide effective support and pool expertise, particularly in the areas of regulation, compliance, accounting and reporting. The range of services offered by the service company will be gradually implemented in several stages.

A partner at every level

We help entrepreneurial wealth specialists as well as entire teams to set up their own company or branch. These include liquidity, personnel and location search as well as a modern IT infrastructure. In this way, we open up all the advantages of our Group to you as a new founder, including our incentive programs, with which you too can benefit from the future growth of your new company.

Find out more about the details of our offer with this document.

Cinerius stands for growth through innovation and strategic foresight. For independent wealth managers who want to broaden their horizons, we offer not only the financial resources, but also the necessary technological and professional expertise. Our aim is to enable your company to grow organically, improve customer service and open up new markets.

With sufficient growth capital and our comprehensive services in the areas of compliance, administration and IT, we enable you to achieve your goals effectively. In addition, our marketing support and sales training not only promote your growth, but also strengthen your market position. With Cinerius as a partner at your side, you drastically increase the opportunities for growth and success.

In every owner-managed company, the question of succession arises at some point. But what happens to your life’s work, your employees and the customer relationships you have built up over many years? Succession planning within a company is an important topic that should be prepared advisedly.

Together with you, we develop sustainable succession solutions that ensure continuity. As an entrepreneur, you can continue to bear responsibility and benefit from the future growth of your company through various models. We have also developed incentive programs for your employees, which we can implement according to your wishes.

The ideal partner
for all stakeholders


benefit from long-term stability, improved services and innovative platforms with continued guaranteed independence.


benefit from more time for their customers as well as exchange and training opportunities.


are remunerated for their work, can continue to act entrepreneurially and participate in future successes.

Case studies

KSW Vermögen

„Cinerius unterstützt uns im Research und ermöglicht Best-Practice-Lösungen“

Udo Schindler, Gründer und Vorstandsmitglied der KSW Vermögensverwaltung AG, berichtet positiv von der Unterstützung durch Cinerius.
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Ringelstein & Partner

„Wir sind ein stolzer Teil der Cinerius Gruppe“

Tobias Kroll schätzt an der Cinerius Gruppe, dass sie unabhängig und frei bleiben in den Entscheidungen aber bei Regulatorik und Compliance unterstützt werden.
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Habbel, Pohlig & Partner

„Wir konnten die Unternehmensnachfolge dank Cinerius klären.“

Oliver Voigt beschreibt den Prozess der erfolgreichen Unternehmensnachfolge, die durch Cinerius ermöglicht wurde.
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B&K Vermögen

“Wir dürfen uns die Rosinen herauspicken.”

Maik Bolsmann ist dankbar für die gewonnene Zeit, die nun für die Kundenbetreuung genutzt werden kann, da lästige Prozesse ausgelagert werden kann.

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