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An independent wealth management company is a company that specializes in the management of client portfolios in the area of financial investments. Without the influence of banks, it offers individual investment strategies that are geared exclusively to the interests of its clients. This freedom makes it possible to develop customized solutions based on the individual needs and goals of the customer.

Our vacancies are regularly updated and published on the“Vacancies” page.

Independent wealth managers such as our partner companies attach great importance to structuring investments in line with the individual objectives of their clients. They undertake to examine on an independent basis which fund and which investment strategy are best suited to the client’s financial objectives. This is done taking into account the wealth structure and other important criteria such as the individual family situation.

This approach is particularly rewarding for the employees in our partner companies. In addition to attractive, performance-based remuneration models that depend on the development of the client portfolio, they are given the opportunity to contribute their know-how and expertise independently and entrepreneurially. This not only promotes the satisfaction and professional development of our employees, but also ensures the long-term success and satisfaction of our customers.

While a client’s contact person at banks changes frequently due to group structures and job changes, independent asset managers look after clients for much longer periods – often for decades. This relationship of trust and the personal relationship that is built up in this fashion cannot usually be achieved in banks due to the group structures.

With us, employees not only enjoy attractive remuneration models, which can vary depending on the partner company, but also extensive opportunities for further training. In addition to performance-related remuneration, which consists of a fixed salary and variable, performance-based components, we offer further training opportunities.

The partner companies provide access to additional networking opportunities, specific training and general training.

Also unique in our industry are our succession planning and junior staff development programs, which are designed to support long-term career paths within the Cinerius Group.

You can find the current vacancies in our overview on the“Vacancies” page.

We regularly update our vacancies so that you can get a complete overview of our vacancies here.

Alternatively, you may also send in an unsolicited application. Please use our online form for this purpose.

Application process

The application process at the Cinerius Group is designed to optimize HR processes for our partner companies by acting as an HR service partner.

Your first step starts with us: send us your application via our online form or contact our HR Manager Michaela Schnabel directly at karriere@cinerius.com.

After this initial phase, in which we carefully check your preferences and qualifications, we will direct you to the appropriate partner company. This customized approach enables an efficient transition to the next phase of your career, tailored to your needs.

Even if the desired position is not currently available, we would like to encourage you to send us an unsolicited application. You are welcome to submit your application via our online form or send your documents by e-mail to Michaela Schnabel:

Michaela Schnabel, HR Manager: karriere@cinerius.com

If there is no vacancy for the desired position at the present time, your documents can be saved for a later date with your consent.

We look forward to finding out more about you and your qualifications!

You can apply via our online form.

Alternatively, you can contact our HR Manager Michaela Schnabel by e-mail.

Mail: karriere@cinerius.com

If you would like to have a personal interview before the official application process begins in order to clarify any unanswered questions, this is possible in any case.

You can make a non-binding and discreet appointment to speak to our HR Manager Michaela Schnabel at any time. You can book an appointment via our online calendar.

The application process can take from a few weeks to several months.

At Cinerius, we attach particular importance to ensuring that all parties feel comfortable and reach a decision that is satisfactory for both sides.

To make your switch as smooth as possible, we take as much time as you need on an individual basis.

About our partner companies

As a holding company, we currently unite seven excellent independent wealth management companies from all German-speaking countries.

Here you can see where the partner companies are located:

The Cinerius Group currently includes Entrepreneur Partners AG, B&K Vermögen GmbH, BV & P Vermögen AG, Habbel, Pohlig & Partner Vermögensverwaltung, KSW Vermögensverwaltung AG, Ringelstein & Partner Vermögensbetreuung and VM VermögensManufaktur GmbH.

The Cinerius Group currently unites seven renowned independent wealth management companies throughout the German-speaking region. However, the partner companies will continue to operate independently.

Therefore, your employer and contractual partner will be the respective partner company.

In the case of positions advertised for Cinerius Financial Partners AG or Cinerius Service GmbH, one of these two companies may also become your new employer.