For strong, independent wealth management

For strong, independent wealth management

Seven excellent wealth management companies operate independently within the Cinerius Group.

Advantages of independent wealth management

More and more wealthy clients are deciding to invest their money with an independent wealth management company.

Independent wealth management, a transparent approach and remuneration, individual support and convincing performance speak for themselves.

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This is why customers opt for the
independent wealth management:

We meet the highest service standards for our customers: Advice is always individualized and holistic, while support is provided by a trusted person as contact – often for decades or even entire generations.


Unbound and free from product constraints, we are 100 % free and committed only to you.


We develop an investment strategy according to your personal needs.


As your partner, we manage your wealth with dedication, listen to you and put you at the center of everything we do.

Long-term nature

Banks think in years, wealth managers in decades and generations.

Insights into our partner companies

Top level portfolio management
Extensive know-how
Time for the customer
Female Finance
One contact person Over decades

We make the difference.

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First-class customer service

Your personal contact will keep you up to date with regular reports on the development of your portfolio and will always be on hand if you need help.

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Cost transparency and integrity

Integrity is our highest aspiration. We clearly disclose any costs incurred to our clients – because trust and reliability are the cornerstones of our long-standing and intergenerational relationships.

Our partner companies

Cinerius Financial Partners AG is a group of independent wealth managers. Our partner companies, which have been successful for decades, remain completely independent in business terms. Cinerius Financial Partners AG currently consists of seven companies, which we would like to introduce to you.