1. Succession planning

In every owner-managed company, the question of succession arises at some point. But what happens to your life's work, your employees and the customer relationships built over many years? The solution for the succession of a company is too important a topic to not be carefully prepared.

We develop joint sustainable succession solutions with you to ensure continuity. As an entrepreneur, you can continue to bear responsibility and benefit from the future growth of your company through a variety of models. We have also developed incentive programs for your employees, which we can implement according to your preferences.

2. Company formation

We help entrepreneurial wealth managers, as well as entire teams, to build their own business or branch under the Cinerius Financial Partners umbrella, opening up to them all the benefits of Among others, this includes liquidity, personnel and location search as well as a modern IT infrastructure. Thus, we provide you with all the advantages of our group, which also include incentive programs allowing you to benefit from the future growth of your new company.

Learn more about the details of our offer with this document.

3. Capital for growth

Do you aim for inorganic growth through acquisitions? Or expand your client services, attract  new ones and take advantage of all the opportunities that arise for independent wealth managers? It all takes know-how, state-of-the-art technologies, the best employees and, ultimately, capital.

Money isn't everything, but you can't do it without solid financing. We enable you to actually achieve your goals by providing sufficient growth financing.

4. Operational Services


It is important to us to preserve your autonomy as an entrepreneur, and to provide you with the best possible support so that your company is best positioned in the market and against the competition.


We promote and enable the mutual exchange of ideas and best practice solutions within the group, as well as the use of synergies from which each of our partner companies can directly benefit – also through considerable cost advantages.


In cooperation with external partners, we support our partner companies in digitalization. The solutions offered are designed to meet their needs and provide significant added value for customers, consultants, and portfolio managers alike. This ranges from a user-friendly CRM and onboarding to a customer front end. As a result, internal processes are decisively facilitated and customer satisfaction is improved. In addition, the digital platform serves as an interface to the custodian banks.


In addition to sales training, we offer professional marketing support, e.g. in organizing customer events, designing your marketing strategy, optimizing your website and social media presence, designing your business stationery, employer branding and press relations.


Highly qualified employees are key to keeping your clients satisfied. We support you here, too, in order to recruit employees and train them through focused training, ensuring they are perfectly prepared to meet increasing demands. In addition, we offer the already mentioned incentive programs for your employees.


Our partner companies have founded Cinerius Service GmbH in order to receive effective support and to bundle know-how. Its services will assist primarily in regulatory affairs, compliance, accounting and reporting. The full range of services will be introduced gradually, in stages.

Cinerius Service GmbH

Cinerius Service GmbH offers our partner companies support services in various aspects of internal organisation. Managing Directors are Susanne Betke (KSW Vermögensverwaltung AG) and Julia Miethe (VM Vermögens-Management GmbH). Both bring many years of valuable experience in regulatory affairs, compliance and reporting.

Starting with both reporting and advice on how securities institutions go about meeting regulatory requirements, the range of services will increase progressively. As the rollout proceeds in the future, the role of the Compliance Officer, Internal Auditing, Data Protection, IT, Accounting and other administrative tasks can be outsourced to Cinerius Service.

Cinerius Case Studies

Download case studies of our involvement as PDFs here.

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evaluation of your company?

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