What is Cinerius Financial Partners?

Cinerius Financial Partners is a holding company based in Zug, Switzerland, which unites well selected bank-independent wealth managers from Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein under one roof to enable them to achieve more growth and profitability.

What additional services does Cinerius offer?

Upon request, we will provide you with professional support in the areas of regulatory & compliance, digitalization, sales, marketing and human resources management, also with the involvement of external partners. In addition, we promote mutual exchange with and between our partners through periodic meetings.

What are the benefits of partnering with Cinerius?

We can support you in all strategic and operational matters—while retaining your own distinct corporate and client policies. You gain access to capital your company can use to expand its market position and increase growth momentum. In addition, you benefit from the exchange of best practice and customized succession solutions that ensure continuity and allow you to continue to assume entrepreneurial responsibility and participation.

Can I continue to run my business independently?

: It is one of the principles of Cinerius that you remain independent as an entrepreneur. Your corporate and client policies, as well as the identity of your company’s brand, will remain unaffected. Whether or not you take advantage of our operational support services remains solely your decision at all times.


What are the requirements for my company to become a partner?

Economically sound companies with a growth-oriented strategy and a commitment to excellent customer service have the opportunity to become part of the Cinerius Group.

Is Cinerius seeking majority ownership in my company?

Yes, we would like to acquire 75 to 100 percent of your company's equity.

Can I retain an ownership interest in my company?

You and your employees have the option to retain an ownership interest in the company of up to 25 percent. We also offer earn-out and bonus structures that allow you to benefit from future growth.

What criteria are used to evaluate wealth managers who want to become part of Cinerius?

Basically, our partners should share our values, vision and goals. If this is the case, we examine client structures and commission models, plus key financial figures, as part of a due diligence process that is customary in the industry.

What information does Cinerius require for an indicative valuation?

We place particular emphasis on the business model, the client compensation models, the results of the last two fiscal years, and the client and personnel structures.


Which models are possible for teams or individuals?

We will discuss your personal ideas and work out flexible solutions with you, which can enable both your own company and a branch office under your leadership.

What are the requirements for a team or an individual to become a partner?

If you want to act independently, are growth-oriented, stand for excellent quality in asset management and if successful customer relationships are your maxim, the requirements are almost completely fulfilled.

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