“We appreciate having a common vision with a strong partner while still maintaining our own DNA. Since our founding, we have been upholding the idea of joining forces whenever it is possible and makes sense. We find it all in this group.”

Maik Bolsmann, Co-Founder and Managing Director of B&K Vermögen GmbH


Independence means everything to B&K Vermögen. Since 2013, the founders and managing directors Maik Bolsmann and Meinolf Köper committed their company to independence from institutional interests. With its team of experts and many years of experience, our Cologne-based partner very successfully manages large assets of more than 250 families. In doing so, they follow their credo of thinking long-term at all times and including successive generations in wealth management. This is probably one of the reasons why B&K Vermögen has been awarded 5 stars by Capital four years in a row and has consistently received the “Top Asset Manager” award in all categories since the asset manager test was first established in 2019.

More at: https://www.bk-vermoegen.de/

“The crucial point for me in partnering with Cinerius was that we would continue to act true to our credo of  ‘independence by conviction’ and that our corporate and customer policies would remain in our own hands. Since Cinerius allows us to do just that and all the other advantages were obvious, our decision was clear.”

Anton Vetter, Founder and CEO of BV & P Vermögen AG


BV & P is one of the most successful independent wealth managers and multi-family offices in Germany. This not only earned them an award in the Elite Report 2021 and the years before, but also the renewed top rating as "Top Wealth Manager" in the Capital magazine test of 2021. Founded in 2007 by Anton Vetter and Klaus Bermann in Kempten, in the Allgäu region, from the very start their focus was on holistic and independent service, which clients from the entire DACH region have benefited to this day. Since 2021, BV & P is also represented with a branch office in Munich.

More at: https://www.bvp-vermoegen.de/

"Our company has developed enormously in recent years, with a growth rate well above average. We are delighted to have found a strong shareholder for the future in Cinerius Financial Partners, enabling us to continue serving our clients comprehensively and successfully for the long term."

Oliver Ganz, CEO and Founding Partner of Entrepreneur Partners AG


Headquartered in Zurich, Entrepreneur Partners is one of the most esteemed independent wealth management firms in Switzerland. Founded in 2008, it has been a FINMA-regulated boutique since 2013. Entrepreneur Partners offers clients comprehensive support and individualized wealth management in all financial matters. Their focus is on tailor-made solutions for their clients’ personal, business, and real estate investments, as well as retirement planning.

More at: https://www.enpa.ch/

“For us, company sustainability was a top priority. Due to Cinerius' capital resources, the partnership made it easy for us to transfer the company's management to our longstanding employees. This puts us in an excellent position for our growth strategy.”

Matthias Habbel, Founder of Habbel, Pohlig & Partner Vermögensverwaltung GmbH


Since 1996, Habbel, Pohlig & Partner has been offering wealthy private and corporate clients, as well as institutional clients, highly individualized wealth management focused on long-term value growth and preservation. The investment solutions by Habbel, Pohlig & Partner have have won awards time and again. The company has repeatedly been named a TOP 50 wealth manager by the trade magazine Citywire. Today, Habbel, Pohlig & Partner is one of the most important independent wealth managers in the Rhine-Main region with clients throughout Germany.

More at: https://www.hpp-vermoegensverwaltung.de/

“From the Nuremberg metropolitan region, we manage the assets of clients throughout Germany and we do so very successfully. Cinerus supports us, especially in research, enabling us to exchange best practice solutions with which we can continually develop our range of services for clients.”

Udo Schindler, Founder and Board Member of KSW Vermögensverwaltung AG


KSW Vermögensverwaltung is market leader in the Nuremberg metropolitan region, and has grown steadily since 1997. Today, the Franconian wealth manager is one of Germany's most successful independent financial portfolio managers for private clients, non-profit organizations, companies and institutional investors. KSW’s innovative investment policy was awarded the “Summa cum laude” title—highest among wealth managers in German-speaking countries in Elite Report; a premium recommendation from Private Banker magazine; and the “Stiftungs Excellence” award from RenditeWerk.

More at: https://www.ksw-vermoegen.de

“There were many reasons to join Cinerius. Certainly, the succession model, which exactly matched my entrepreneurial and personal plans, was important to me. But no less decisive was that the unique style of our wealth management was welcome as a contribution to the diversity of the group and that we were given the necessary flexibility to reorganize our management in the coming years.”

Frank Ringelstein, Founder and Managing Director of Ringelstein & Partner Vermögensbetreuung GmbH


Ringelstein & Partner has been managing the assets of private clients, as well as business and institutional clients, in the tradition of classic value investors since 1995. One of their primary investment objectives is capital preservation, which is achieved using fundamental and quantitative analysis models. Through intensive market observation, risk management, careful selection and common sense, promising investments with low volatility are identified. Numerous articles in financial magazines describe the outstanding successes of this unconventional Essen-based wealth manager.

More at: https://www.ringelsteinpartner.de/

“With Cinerius, we have found a financially strong partner who actively supports our growth strategy. This includes digitalization, the expansion of our team—plus a mutually-beneficial exchange of experience and expertise, which has always been an integral part of our culture.”

Tim Schmiel, Board Member of VM Vermögens-Management GmbH


Since 1986, VM Vermögens-Management GmbH has embodied the idea of “Vermögensmanufaktur,” distinguished by the highest quality, diligence and a passionate commitment to clients. This successful, independent wealth manager has well over 4 billion euros in AUM, handled through offices in Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Munich and Stuttgart. Believing that people can only create the value that they themselves represent, VM focuses on long-term investment solutions and serves its clients in a sustainable, personal and transparent manner. The company also takes its social responsibility very seriously and its sites support regional social projects, including talent programs and youth work.

More at: https://www.vmgruppe.de/

Case Studies

Download exemplary case studies with our partner companies as PDFs here.

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