Great to have you interested in our group.

As a holding company, we bring together excellent independent wealth management firms under one roof.

Consequently, our partner companies, which have enjoyed decades of success, remain completely independent as entrepreneurs. But we all share a passion for excellence in wealth management. You too? Are independent work, team spirit and enjoyment of shared success just as important to you as they are to us?

Then we would like to get to know you.


Let's talk about your career

As an expert in wealth or portfolio management, you likely have your own ideas about how your career should unfold into the future.
Let's talk about that: in a first step about your expertise, goals and about Cinerius.
In a second step, when we can offer you suitable options, together with our management and partner companies.

We look forward to meeting you.




Current positions

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Why we’d be right for you

Team spirit and appreciation

Collaboration and mutual respect are essential parts of our culture, giving your initiative and your ideas the space they need.

Development opportunities

Practical internal and external training and education opportunities ensure that you always stay on the cutting edge of development.

Performance that pays

We believe those who make important contributions to our success should also benefit from it. This applies to all employees, regardless of position.


As an employee of a Cinerius partner company, you also benefit personally from the expertise and best practice solutions of the entire group.

Why we work where we work

“Performance and commitment are rewarded and fostered, as is professional development. This has already opened many doors for me personally. With a flexible working time model, I can manage family and job well without having to compromise my career. I am very grateful to Habbel, Pohlig & Partner for all of this and look forward to being able to continue to grow in my abilities with the support of the whole team.”

Blanca Habbel, Portfolio Manager and Sustainability Officer with Habbel, Pohlig & Partner Vermögensverwaltung since 2020

“At KSW Vermögensverwaltung, honesty and reliability are among our most essential values. For our clients, this means true partnership. It all defines our corporate culture, which is exemplified by my colleagues every day. It’s the cornerstone of our success and long-term growth.”

Marco Birkmann, Portfolio Manager with KSW Vermögensverwaltung since 2018

“At Ringelstein & Partner, and this certainly applies to colleagues at the other partner companies as well, client proximity is the decisive factor. Today, I am happy to work for an independent wealth manager that provides me a varied range of tasks and a flexible work schedule, and all that in a great team.”

Dörthe Mehlhorn, Wealth Manager with Ringelstein & Partner Vermögensbetreuung since 2022

“VM VermögensManufaktur, with its distinctive stock screening, has been successful for about forty years. I have been working enthusiastically with VM for about a quarter of that time already. I really value my colleagues, who think entrepreneurially and take responsibility like I do. We are always in lively discussions when it comes to thoroughly evaluating listed companies and selecting them for my clients.”

Regine Recke-Hegewald, Wealth Manager with VM VermögensManufaktur since 2012

“I used to develop and manage systematic investment strategies for banks. Here at Habbel, Pohlig & Partner, I can fully concentrate on what benefits our clients, uninfluenced by company requirements. That’s one of the essential characteristics of an independent wealth manager. It’s important to me that I can stand behind my investment strategies, and my team feels the same way. After all, we are responsible for our clients' assets.”

Marc Ospald, Portfolio Manager with Habbel, Pohlig & Partner Vermögensverwaltung since 2020

“Compliance requires clear communication, both internally and towards clients. This culture is very much cherished at KSW Vermögensverwaltung. My work is incredibly diverse, unlike in most large banks. And we really live the service principle: ‘from a single source.’ Such as, for example, when transferring assets to the next generation, by involving tax advisors, notaries or lawyers.”

Susanne Betke, Compliance Officer with KSW Vermögensverwaltung since 2019

“At Habbel, Pohlig & Partner, unconventional vitas are seen as an asset. This gave me the opportunity to find and develop my career-changing role as a wealth manager. Both management and my colleagues support me greatly to bring out my personal strengths and have appreciated my work from the beginning.”

Petra Mäder, Wealth Manager with Habbel, Pohlig & Partner Vermögensverwaltung since 2022

“I like working at VM VermögensManufaktur because independent initiative is required here and I feel highly appreciated. The working relationships are friendly and constructive. Anyway, I always look forward to going back to work after vacation.”

Michael Schütz, Wealth Manager with VM VermögensManufaktur since 2010

“At KSW Vermögensverwaltung, ‘best-in-class’ isn’t just empty words. As an independent wealth manager, open product structure and unconditional client focus are what matters most. We are not held to sales quotas, but fully committed to the interests of our clients. And unlike banks, we can also react more flexibly with regard to regulatory compliance.”

Udo Rieder, Portfolio Manager with KSW Vermögensverwaltung since 2015

“Before I joined Ringelstein & Partner, I could hardly imagine how exciting and diverse my field of work could be—or how much room it has for my own creativity. The flexibility in my working hours and the team spirit also allow me, as a mother, to strike a good balance between my work and family life.”

Corinne Metz, Office Assistance with Ringelstein & Partner Vermögensbetreuung since 2022

“Before coming to Habbel, Pohlig & Partner, I worked in wealth management at a large bank. The sales pressure was high and the consulting was overly product-oriented. At my HP & P job interview, a managing director told me directly, ‘We don't do that nonsense here’. That was crucial for me. Because, being client-minded, I want to be able to stand behind my own advice. The prospect of becoming a partner over time also played a role in the switch. To this day, I have not once regretted this decision.”

Uwe Braun, Wealth Manager with Habbel, Pohlig & Partner Vermögensverwaltung since 2015

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